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Welcome to Muki's African Braiding, we love to give you the best of the best and also make you feel special. One thing is to get braids and another thing is to get the braids done with the clients interest at heart, at Muki's that is our goal to give you the best braids with the customer in mind.

African Braids

Free Consultation About Braids

Hi, our valuable clients we appreciate your business and we wish to give you the best of services available. With our recent poll we found out that many people wants to get braids but can't find the right answers to their questions.Hence we have decided to give you the opportunity to call and make an appointment with Muki for special consultation as to what style may be suitable depending upon the texture of your hair. We also take kin interest in our clients concern of their hair because of damages from previous hair styles and also work with the client as to what best strategy to implement in order to help get a healthy hair growth.Braids are very comfortable styles to wear and also affordable at Muki's  African Braiding. We will work with you to find a hair  braiding style that will work for you. Please for appointment do call (240-462-2642). Always know that Muki's is your last stop for quality braids.

African Clothes and Accessories

We have variety of african clothens and accessories available. At muki's we love to give our clients a complete new look in our african attire. our client who wish to get some african fabrics like lace, wax clothens, head tie, jewels and many other accessories should come to Muki's. we also have latest African fashion available. Check us out.